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Dyson Piano & Keyboard offers a suite of services tailored to all your needs. Piano tuning and sales consultation was originally our core focus, but through the years we have evolved into a full-service piano shop covering moving, tuning and service, PNOmation player piano installation, and refurbishing.

Our Services

Piano refinishing, piano refurbish, piano tune, instrument
Piano Tuning & Service

Piano tuning and service takes approximately 1 hour and includes minor repairs to ensure an extended lifetime. Instruments experience changes in season, wear and tear, and aging. Annually tuning your instrument extends the working life for enjoyment for years to come.

Piano Restoration & Refurbishing

Piano Restoration is a core service of Dyson Piano & Keyboard. We offer piano restoration services to a variety of areas throughout New England. It is our mission to take extreme caution in travel, care, and the refurbishing process in order to bring a fresh new appearance to your prized piano. 

Finished piano, grand piano, piano sales, intrument
Piano Sales Consultation

Dealer of all popular piano makes and models including Yamaha, Story & Clark, Steinway, and digital keyboards among others. Owner/operator John has decades of experience with new, used, and reconditioned models providing an exception buying experience. 

Dyson Piano Keyboard, Piano Moving, piano mover
Piano Moving 

Trusted piano movers trusted to deliver your piano to a new home, to estate sales, and disposal. Pianos are a delicate instrument requiring an experienced handler to carefully deliver yours to a new location. Unimaginable things can go wrong during a move but with Dyson Piano & Keyboard your priceless piano is not one of them!

Pianomaton, PNOmaton, player piano, intrument
Player Piano & PNOmation Installation

Certified PNOmation Installer

Upgrade your old or new piano into a digital player piano operating via your Bluetooth device, Amazon Echo, and other related devices! Capable of playing at the breadth and power of a concert pianist or the mellow sophistication of a cocktail pianist.

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